April 22, 2024

"The continued 5-star customer service from Christine is top notch! Always prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable! The quality is exceptional, and it is clear that a lot of care and attention to detail went into crafting our creative designs and projects. Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality service and products. Thank you, Christine and Identity Designs team!"
April 2, 2024


"Identity Designs is a top-notch operation. Chris is attendant to every detail. I have used Identity Design’s various offerings and have been satisfied with all of them. The product is always delivered in a timely manner."
November 29, 2023

"We have used Identity Designs for years with our practice and truly appreciate the promptness and accuracy of their designs. Their pricing is very fair for the work that they do and the great products they offer!"
August 13, 2019

"My company works closely with Christine and Identity Designs--we always get high quality projects on time and at a great price. I would highly recommend taking your business to Identity as they make any printing service easy and enjoyable! Christine is great to work with because she is the quick to respond to questions!"
June 26, 2019

"Chris is professional, conscientious and always helps to seek out great prices! The design work is creative and flawless and getting items in hand quickly is very much appreciated."
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